Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dwarfs vs Skaven Battle VIDEO

A very descriptive 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle report. Lots of battle detail, tactics, hobby talk (re: customized models) and some some massive rank and file combats !

8th edition Warhammer rules used to the max, there's even a Dwarf Slayer (unbreakable !) horde. A wise use of points ? Watch and see.

Sigmar: I really enjoy Vaul's battle reports, he seems to puts his heart and soul into it and clearly loves the game. There are loads of pics, lots of thoughts on the battle, the rules and the hobby in general. Great stuff. Thanks Vaul.

I think it's a 2,000 pt battle report but Vaul doesn't specify so I'm not totally sure - sorry.

credit : Vaul30-Dec-20105:58 mins + 6:01 mins

Skaven vs Dwarfs Battle Report - part 1

Skaven vs Dwarfs Battle Report - part 2

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