Monday, 3 January 2011

Warhammer NZ Tournament Battle - Videos

VaulSC took his Empire army to the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Masters tourney in New Zealand and battled Lizardmen (twice), Daemons of Chaos, their Chaos Warrior brethren, Skaven and Dark Elves - check out all 6 battle reports here.

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Vaul has kindly put together 6 excellent video (slideshow) battle reports with extremely well painted miniatures and excellent scenery. The thing that sets Vaul's reports apart from some others is the level of detail he goes into, esp. when sharing his thoughts on his army's strengths and weaknesses and his opinion of the battle events. They are amongst the best video battles you'll find.

The Masters tournament in New Zealand is an invitation only event and features the top ranked Fantasy Battle (and 40k) gamers in New Zealand. There were 12 WFB participants, the armies included:-

3x Daemons of Chaos
2x Lizardmen
2x Warriors of Chaos
1x Bretonnian
1x Dark Elves
1x Empire
1x Orcs & Goblins
1x Skaven

An Orcs and Goblins player emerged as the winner. You can find the results here:-

credit : VaulSC;03-Jan-2011 6 vids, 10+ mins each

The Empire vs Lizardmen

The Empire vs Daemons of Chaos

The Empire vs Dark Elves

The Empire vs Skaven

The Empire vs Warriors of Chaos

The Empire vs Lizardmen

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